Living with MBC

Facing MBC is not easy.
It is overwhelming.

Coping with metastatic breast cancer brings with it a range of emotions that can affect every aspect of your life.

Sometimes I have dark days, but to get out of those moments, I look at the joy of living and I re-focus on that.”

— Kirby
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You can feel like you’re grappling with the emotional and practical realities of the diagnosis. You may feel a range of emotions all at once or quickly change. And it’s okay to feel these emotions. It’s important to face any emotional challenges—and the impact of MBC on your family, work or social life—along with the physical challenges you may be facing. Talking to others—especially people who know what you’re going through—can help you deal with what you’re feeling. And due to coronavirus (COVID-19) worries, you may be feeling especially isolated and anxious. Here are some CDC recommendations for staying home and staying safe.

But along with the weight of a diagnosis, there are some more positive facts to focus on.

With optimal care and personal motivation, more and more people with MBC are living longer lives than ever before

With new targeted therapies, better supportive care, and many more options for treatment, people with MBC can live longer, better lives

Find some ideas for moving forward, one day, one hour, one moment at a time. For coping with feelings of isolation, for reaching out to others, and for working with your healthcare team.

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