What a diagnosis of MBC means

Getting a diagnosis can feel (there are literally no words).

Finding out that you have metastatic breast cancer (MBC) can leave you feeling shocked, confused, angry, or depressed. You may wonder if you could have done more to prevent it, or you may feel let down by your healthcare team. It’s natural to look for reasons at a time like this.

I can do something with today. I’m not scared to live today. I’m not going to die today. Not today, not today, not today.”

— Kelli
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It’s important to keep in mind that the outlook for MBC is changing every day.

Although MBC is not currently thought to be curable, many medical advances are allowing it to be treated as a chronic condition.

With outstanding care, strong support, and deep determination more people with MBC are living longer lives than ever before

New targeted therapies, improvements in supportive care, and ongoing treatment are helping people with MBC live longer, better lives on their own terms.

I just want others to know, a metastatic or a terminal diagnosis of any kind doesn't mean your life is ending right there at that moment. You still have lots of living to do yet.”

— Angie

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