Create a Support System

Sometimes, a little help can make a big difference.

It’s important to connect with others who may help you feel supported, loved, and less alone—on good days and on the not so good ones, too. Create your own personalized support network that makes it easy for people to ask, “What can I do?” and makes it even easier for you to tell them what, when, and where.

Start your own support team on the Facing MBC Together App

It’s a lot of support,

all in one place.

The Facing MBC Together app empowers friends and caregivers to help in a meaningful way. And it lets everyone connect on one platform instead of all the emails, posts, calls, texts, and tweets. Whether you’re sharing updates, raising funds, or raising spirits, it happens all in one place.

Get the app

It’s the help you need, the way you need it

Coordinate, communicate, and connect with each other, and keep
everyone in the loop.

You can:

  • Share updates, photos, and messages
  • Connect via real-time video chat
  • Coordinate calendars and activities
  • Share a ride, a meal—or just a few moments together
  • Organize meals, household chores, childcare, rides, and schedules
  • Create a wish list or share gifts or donations on Amazon Wish List

Lend a hand thanks to thoughtful features

The Count Me In Calendar shows tasks needed and prioritized, so it’s easy to offer help and track who’s helping. The Real Time Video channel lets everyone connect live, one by one, or in a group video chat. Leave a Note lets people leave messages of encouragement, inspiration, and love. The Checking In tool offers up-to-date information so people can see how someone is doing that day. The Health Update Blog is a private channel that makes it easy to share medical information.

Start your own support team

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