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Find ideas for showing your support.

The Facing MBC Together app makes it easy to connect with others who want to show their support. It also serves up ideas for showing you care, and gentle suggestions for doing it in a way your loved one will most appreciate. Whether you’d like to offer help, a hug, or a ride to treatment, find tips for how to be there in meaningful ways that can help a day go smoothly or brighten a moment.

Show your support by sharing an inspiring message
Share an inspiring message

Let your friend know you’re thinking of them—without any pressure for them to return a text, call, or email.

Show your support by purchasing your friend or loved one an Amazon gift card
Amazon Gift Card

Make it easy for your friend to purchase what they might need or want—and make it easy for everyone to chip in.

Show your support by offering specific help often
Offer specific help often

Rather than leaving it to your friend to reach out, offer help for a ride, a meal, or an errand.

These are just a few of the ways you can show and share your support.

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Ceate your own personalized support team. Whether you’re looking for a helping hand or want to share messages and updates, the Facing MBC Together app lets you easily communicate, coordinate, and connect with your entire network, online or with the app.

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